Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BCHL Releases 2014 Fred Page Cup Championship Playoff Schedule:

The BCHL has posted the 2014 Fred Page Cup Championship playoff schedule and dates on its' website for the Mainland and Interior Divisions. Not sure why the Island Division dates weren't announced, but I'm sure that info is coming soon.

Although not all teams are confirmed in all divisions, we at least know the dates the teams are playing.

BCHL Division Semi-Finals

Interior Division

1st Place Interior vs. 4th Place Interior

Game 1: Tuesday, March 4 @ 1st Place Interior, Time TBA

Game 2: Wednesday, March 5 @ 1st Place Interior, Time TBA

Game 3: Friday, March 7 @ 4th Place Interior, Time TBA

Game 4: Saturday, March 8 @ 4th Place Interior, Time TBA

*Game 5: Monday, March 10 @ 1st Place Interior, Time TBA

*Game 6: Tuesday, March 11 @ 4th Place Interior, Time TBA

*Game 7: Wednesday, March 12 @ 1st Place Interior, Time TBA

*if necessary

2nd Place Interior vs. Vernon (3)

Game 1: Tuesday, March 4 @ 2nd Place Interior, Time TBA

Game 2: Wednesday, March 5 @ 2nd Place Interior, Time TBA

Game 3: Friday, March 7 @ Vernon Vipers, Time TBA

Game 4: Saturday, March 8 @ Vernon Vipers, Time TBA

*Game 5: Monday, March 10 @ 2nd Place Interior, Time TBA

*Game 6: Tuesday, March 11 @ @ Vernon Vipers, Time TBA

*Game 7: Wednesday, March 12 @ 2nd Place Interior, Time TBA

*if necessary

Mainland Division

Langley (1) vs. Surrey (4)

Game 1: Tuesday, March 4 @ Langley Rivermen, Time TBA

Game 2: Wednesday, March 5 @ Langley Rivermen, Time TBA

Game 3: Friday, March 7 @ Surrey Eagles, Time TBA

Game 4: Saturday, March 8 @ Surrey Eagles, Time TBA

*Game 5: Monday, March 10 @ Langley Rivermen, Time TBA

*Game 6: Tuesday, March 11 @ Surrey Eagles, Time TBA

*Game 7: Wednesday, March 12 @ Langley Rivermen, Time TBA

*if necessary

Prince George (2) vs. Coquitlam (3)

Game 1: Tuesday, March 4 @ Prince George Spruce Kings, 7 pm

Game 2: Wednesday, March 5 @ Prince George Spruce Kings, 7 pm

Game 3: Friday, March 7 @ Coquitlam Express, Time TBA

Game 4: Saturday, March 8 @ Coquitlam Express, Time TBA

*Game 5: Monday, March 10 @ Prince George Spruce Kings, 7 pm

*Game 6: Tuesday, March 11 @ Coquitlam Express, Time TBA

*Game 7: Wednesday, March 12 @ Prince George Spruce Kings, 7 pm

*if necessary

Island Division

1st Place Island vs. 4th Place Island

2nd Place Island vs. 3rd Place Island



1st seed Interior vs. 2nd seed Interior

Game 1: Friday, March 14 @ 1st Seed Interior, Time TBA

Game 2: Saturday, March 15 @ 1st Seed Interior, Time TBA

Game 3: Monday, March 17 @ 2nd Seed Interior, Time TBA

Game 4: Tuesday, March 18 @ 2nd Seed Interior, Time TBA

*Game 5: Thursday, March 20 @ 1st Seed Interior, Time TBA

*Game 6: Friday, March 21 @ 2nd Seed Interior, Time TBA

*Game 7: Saturday, March 22 @ 1st Seed Interior, Time TBA

*if necessary

1st seed Mainland vs. 2nd seed Mainland

Game 1: Friday, March 14 @ 1st Seed Mainland, Time TBA

Game 2: Saturday, March 15 @ 1st Seed Mainland, Time TBA

Game 3: Monday, March 17 @ 2nd Seed Mainland, Time TBA

Game 4: Tuesday, March 18 @ 2nd Seed Mainland, Time TBA

*Game 5: Thursday, March 20 @ 1st Seed Mainland, Time TBA

*Game 6: Friday, March 21 @ 2nd Seed Mainland, Time TBA

*Game 7: Saturday, March 22 @ 1st Seed Mainland, Time TBA

*if necessary

1st seed Island vs. 2nd seed Island



Game 1: Friday, March 28: 2nd Seed @ 1st Seed

Game 2: Sunday, March 30: 3rd Seed @ 2nd Seed

Game 3: Tuesday, April 1: 1st Seed @ 3rd Seed

Game 4: Thursday, April 3: 3rd Seed @ 1st Seed

Game 5: Saturday, April 5: 1st Seed @ 2nd Seed

Game 6: Monday, April 7: 2nd Seed @ 3rd Seed

*Game 7: Wednesday, April 9: Tie-Breaker if necessary

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Three BCHL Alumni Win Olympic Gold!

With Team Canada's 3-0 win over Sweden this morning in the men's hockey gold medal game at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, three BCHL alumni are golden!

Former Quesnel Millionaires goaltender Carey Price, former Penticton Panthers defenseman Duncan Keith and former Victoria Salsa/Grizzlies forward Jamie Benn are the three BCHL alumni featured on Canada. Keith is the only former BCHLer on this year's team who also played in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

G Carey Price (Quesnel)


D Duncan Keith (Penticton)

F Jamie Benn (Victoria)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quinnipiac Men’s Hockey Program Found Gold Mine in British Columbia:

Great article here from the New Haven (Connecticut) Register newspaper on the pipeline of players from the BCHL who have attended Quinnipiac University over the years.

Quinnipiac men’s hockey program found gold mine in British Columbia

Connor and Kellen Jones spent their first three years of college bumming rides from friends to get around town. But when it was their senior year, the identical twins decided it was time they had a car on campus.

So when last summer ended, the brothers purchased a used car from an aunt and made the 44-hour cross-continent drive from their home in Montrose, British Columbia, to Quinnipiac.

They drove 18 hours, caught a few hours of sleep in South Dakota, and then plowed straight through the final 26 hours to Hamden. No speeding tickets; no tailgating. The make and model of the vehicle — a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria — certainly helped in that regard.

“It’s an old cop car,” Connor Jones said. “Whenever we pulled up behind people they’d slam on their brakes and switch lanes. They’d look over and see two twins sitting in the front seat listening to country music.”

There are easier ways to get to Quinnipiac from British Columbia, and vice versa. Terry and Loretta Jones, the twins’ parents, took a red-eye flight late Thursday night to catch the Bobcats’ Senior Weekend games at High Point Solutions Arena against No. 13 Cornell (Friday night at 7) and No. 19 Colgate (Saturday, 7 p.m.). Both games will be televised on NESN.

Still, there can be two or three connections in what amounts to a half-day or more spent traveling. Just ask Quinnipiac assistant coaches Bill Riga and Reid Cashman, who both make the trip several times a year to recruit.

But Quinnipiac hockey’s pipeline to British Columbia, long ago established by head coach Rand Pecknold, has been essential to the program’s construction and ultimate realization as a national power.

“It’s been the backbone of our program,” Pecknold said. “It’s our bread and butter. If players are good in that league, they’re going to be good for us.”

Over the last 15 years, no Division I college team has as much success recruiting Canada’s westernmost province. Last winter, there were nine players from British Columbia on the Bobcats’ roster, a team which dominated ECAC Hockey and came within a game of the national championship. Seven skate for the Bobcats this winter, again the highest B.C. representation in the college game.

Pecknold was hired 20 years ago when the hockey team skated at the Division II level with no scholarships. As the program developed and was elevated, more money was ear-marked for scholarships. It became obvious to Pecknold that he needed to tap into Canadian Junior ‘A’ leagues. Ontario was a relatively easy drive, but there was an army of unclaimed talent in the western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

His recruiting budget was microscopic. Yet Pecknold managed to establish a foothold for Quinnipiac in western Canada during the late 1990s. Good fortune helped make it possible. His parents had moved to Bellingham, Wash., an hour’s drive from Vancouver. An uncle resided in Surrey, B.C.

For the price of a round-trip plane ticket, Pecknold could stay with family and spend extensive time scouting the region. All he had to do was persuade players to travel 3,000 miles across the continent and help build a program from scratch at his tiny school with the funny sounding name.

Pecknold proved to be quite a salesman. Many of the program’s top players ever — Brian Herbert, Jamie Holden, Matt Erhart, Ben Nelson, Bryan Leitch, Brandon Wong, Scott Zurevinski — have come from the BCHL. Over the years, Quinnipiac’s reputation spread quickly.

“We tell everyone how great the coaches have been to us,” Connor Jones said. “When coaches ask us what Quinnipiac’s all about, we say it’s a great program with great coaches, unreal fans. With our influence, and other guys who’ve come through, we have so many BCHL guys on our team, it’s hard to not know about Quinnipiac.”

The school’s first Frozen Four team last April featured nine from the BCHL, including team captain Zach Currie and fellow defenseman Zach Davies. The Jones twins, perhaps the two most significant recruits in program history, returned this year, as did play-making sophomore Travis St. Denis and senior Brooks Robinson, both forwards.

Goaltender Michael Garteig, a two-time BCHL goaltender of the year, inherited the starting job and has five shutouts and 21 wins so far. Freshman defensemen Devon Toews and Brayden Sherbinin both see regular ice time.

The well is far from dry. Eight recruits from British Columbia are scheduled to enroll over the next two seasons, including highly regarded forward Landon Smith — currently leading the BCHL in scoring — brothers Bo and Canon Pieper and another set of twins, Jonah and Nathan Renouf.

“Every year there’s more and more guys coming in,” Kellen Jones said. “That’s credit to the coaches. They find great players and they are good at finding diamonds in the rough. The BCHL has become a pretty great league turning out players. That’s good for them, and that’s good for us.”

As for the car? It’s toreador red with bench seating, drives like a dream and intimidates fellow motorists. Needless to say it’s been a colossal hit on campus.

“We might have to sell it at the end of the year, though,” Connor Jones said. “I’m not sure we want to drive it all the way back home.”

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Over 2,030 CJHL Alumni on College and University Rosters in North America:

The Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) is proud to announce that over 2,030 CJHL alumni are pursuing their academic and hockey careers at colleges and universities across North America in the 2013-2014 season. 
Number of CJHL alumni competing at universities and colleges in Canada and the US (% of rosters):

  •     578 in NCAA Division I (37%)
  •     595 in NCAA Division III (27%)
  •     857 in Canadian universities and colleges (61%)
"Year after year the Canadian Junior Hockey League graduates hundreds of elite hockey players and outstanding students who go on to hockey and academic careers at universities and colleges all over North America,” said CJHL President and Chairman Kirk Lamb.  "Junior A provides the opportunity to develop as a player, as a student and as an individual.  It allows players and their families time to make a fully-informed and confident decision without ever sacrificing athletic development or exposure.  It's clear that the Junior A experience is working for our student-athletes and their families."

Over 850 former CJHL players spent the 2013-2014 season competing in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), Alberta Colleges Athletic Association (ACAC) and BC Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL).  This represents 61% of players on Canadian university and college team rosters.

University of Prince Edward Island veteran Dana Fraser is excelling in the CIS and attributes his success to the development he experienced in the Maritime Hockey League (MHL), one of ten Junior A leagues in the CJHL.  “Junior A hockey prepared me for playing in the CIS and I owe a lot to Junior A for helping me become the player I am today, ” said Fraser.  “I took the systems and training I received with me to the CIS and it helped me develop into a much better and complete player."

CJHL alumni helped lead Canada's best university and college programs to success in 2012-2013.   In March 2013, the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds captured the 2013 University Cup with the aid of 11 CJHL alumni.  The NAIT Ooks men’s hockey team won the 2013 ACAC Championship with a roster that included 24 CJHL alumni.  The ACAC final was dominated with CJHL talent as 48 alumni filled the rosters of the two teams competing in the championship final.

CJHL alumni are not just making their mark north of the border.  In the US, a total of 578 CJHL alumni competed on NCAA Division I rosters in the 2013-2014 season.  These CJHL alumni account for 37% of all Division I hockey players.  Another 595 CJHL alumni can be found at the NCAA Division III level, representing 27% of all Division III players.  In 2013, 19 CJHL alumni competed in the NCAA Championship Game, four of which became National Champions as members of the Yale Bulldogs.   In total, 32 alumni of the Canadian Junior Hockey League were on the rosters of the four NCAA teams that competed at the 2013 NCAA Frozen Four.

Central Canada Hockey League (CCHL) alumnus and 2014 Hobey Baker nominee, Ben Hutton, describes his NCAA experience with the University of Maine and journey to this point as ‘incredible’.  “The CJHL was a great experience for me and was instrumental in my development,” said Hutton.  “It allowed me to keep my options open while still playing very high level hockey.”  Hutton was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

“Maine was the right fit for me in many aspects. I was able to get quality minutes as a freshman and got the opportunity to play in front of the best fans in college hockey. It's a program full of rich history and development.”

Goaltender Sam Brittain graduated from the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) to the University of Denver and believed the CJHL was the ultimate path to his goal of education and hockey in the NCAA.  “The biggest thing for me was that I wanted to play in the NCAA and I knew the best route was through Junior A,” said Brittain.

“I grew up and learned a lot of important lessons when I started in the CJHL.  It was my first time away from home, and the first time that there was a real pressure to perform, which forced me to develop as a player and a person.  Everything went very well for me and it was a great beginning.”

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Victoria Grizzlies Home Rink Renamed 100.3 The Q Centre:

West Shore Parks & Recreation is excited to announce that our 3,000 seat spectator arena will now be known as the 100.3 The Q Centre.

West Shore Parks & Recreation joined into a naming rights partnership with radio station, 100.3 The Q (CKKQ‐FM), a division of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, to rename and rebrand the facility formerly known as Bear Mountain Arena. 100.3 The Q, Southern Vancouver Island’s longest‐running adult rock station, is looking forward to seeing their name on a facility of this size.

100.3 The Q prides itself on being active in the community on many levels, and is already a major partner in the West Shore with events such as Rock the Shores, Victoria Shamrocks Lacrosse, the Victoria Grizzlies and local hockey teams. 

“This partnership is a natural extension of The Q’s mandate to support strong family‐oriented community groups and events. We felt like this would be a great opportunity to reach out to the community in the West Shore” says 100.3 The Q!’s General Manager, Dan McAllister.

West Shore Parks & Recreation, owners and operators of Victoria’s premier mid‐sized arena, reached an agreement with the radio station in early February and couldn’t be more thrilled. The agreement will include financial compensation but also advertising air time in exchange for the naming rights to the building.

“It is more than just a naming rights partnership. We put a lot of value on The Q being able to assist with programs and events happening in the West Shore.” said Linda Barnes, West Shore Parks & Recreation Society Administrator.

“Our decision came down to finding a partner that provided not only a financial benefit but one that could increase our presence in the community, and who better to do this than The Q?” says Rob Martin, West Shore Parks & Recreation Society Board Chair and Colwood Councillor.

Users of the facility can expect very few changes to the arena. 100.3 The Q will be hoisting a new sign this spring and all onsite directional signage will be updated. 100.3 The Q Centre will continue to house major tenants including the Victoria Grizzlies (BCHL Jr. “A” Hockey) and the Victoria Senior Shamrocks (WLA Senior “A” Lacrosse).

Prince George Coaching Staff Signs Two-Year Extension Through 2015-16:

The Prince George Spruce Kings of the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) are very pleased to announce a two year contract extension of head coach, Dave Dupas through to the end of the 2015-16 season with a club option for the following season.

Dave Dupas was currently in his final year of his contract, the extension comes after the team has secured a playoff berth for its third consecutive season under Dupas. In his first year, the Spruce Kings finished 3rd in the Interior Division with 72 points in 60 games. Last season the Spruce Kings finished with 59 points in 56 games and this year the team is fighting for top spot in the Mainland Division with 63 points in 50 games and eight games remaining.

“Our organization has come a long way in the past few seasons and Dave has been a huge part of that progression,” said Spruce Kings General Manager, Mike Hawes. “The players have responded well to Dave as he has worked towards changing the culture and changed what it means to be a Spruce King.”

In conjunction with Dupas' contract extension, Hawes is also pleased to announce that assistant coaches Colton Buffie and Jason Garneau have also been signed to two year contract extensions.

“I’m very pleased to be able to continue moving forward with this group of coaches,” added Hawes. “I think that the job that has been done by Dave, Colton and Jason has been excellent and they deserve to continue to work towards bringing a championship to the city of Prince George.”

The Spruce Kings will play three games this weekend beginning with a double header against the Langley Rivermen on Thursday February 13th and Friday February 14th followed by a matinee game on Sunday February 16th versus the Nanaimo Clippers.

For more information contact the Spruce Kings office at 250.564.1747.

Victoria Forward Leo Fitzgerald Named BCHL Player of the Week:

Victoria Grizzlies forward Leo Fitzgerald has been named the BCHL Player of the Week for the week ending Feb. 9, the league announced Monday.

Playing just his eighth and ninth games of the season after missing four months due to injury, Fitzgerald he racked up three goals and two assists in a pair of Victoria wins. The Port Alberni, B.C. product was in on each goal, scoring twice including the game-winner, and set up another in a 3-1 win over the Coquitlam Express where he was 1st Star. He followed that with a goal and a helper in a 4-3 overtime win against the rival Powell River Kings.

Honourable mentions:

West Kelowna Warriors F Liam Blackburn: 3G, 3A, 1st Star, 3rd Star

West Kelowna Warriors G Cody Porter: 2W, 85 saves/92 shots, 0.924 sv%, 2.25GAA

Alberni Valley Bulldogs F Justin Georgeson: 3G, 2A, 1st Star, 3rd Star, GWG

Penticton Vees F Cody DePourcq: 1G, 3A, 2nd Star, FortisBC Energy Player of the Game

Chilliwack Chiefs D Carter Cochrane: 2G, 3A

Coquitlam Express D Zach Hodder: 1G, 2A, 1st Star

BCHL Announces Format for 2014 Fred Page Cup Playoffs:

Media Release

The British Columbia Hockey League and its board of directors have decided on a new playoff structure for the coming postseason and announced Wednesday the format details to fans and media.

As with last year, the top-four teams in each of the three divisions will qualify for the playoffs. Round 1 will be a best-of-seven series matching seed No. 1 versus No. 4 and No. 2 versus No. 3. Game 1 of the playoffs will be Tuesday, March 4.

The winners of Round 1 will meet in the division finals in Round 2, also a best-of-seven series.

After Round 2, each division will have a champion so three teams will still be alive. It is at this point that the new structure comes into play.

Round 3 will be a round-robin series with each of the three teams hosting two home games against the other two clubs.

The objective of Round 3 is to eliminate one club based on wins and losses. A total of six round-robin games are scheduled for Round 3. After the completion of those, the remaining two teams will go head to head in a best-of-seven Fred Page Cup Final.

In the event teams are tied after the six round-robin games, a tie-breaker game will be played with the winner going to the Finals, the loser eliminated. Tie-breaker rules for the round-robin are the same as those used in the BCHL regular-season standings.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Coquitlam Defenseman John Saunders Commits to Royal Military College:

Coquitlam Express defenceman John Saunders has accepted an offer to play at the Royal Military College for the Paladins in Kingston, Ont. starting next season.

Saunders has split time this season between Merritt and Coquitlam. The 6-foot-2, 190-pound blueliner has two goals and five helpers on the season to go along with 97 penalty minutes.

Royal Military College competes in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) East Division.

There are currently no BCHL alumni on the Paladins roster but Merritt Centennials head coach Luke Pierce is a graduate of the program.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

SFU Hockey BCIHL Semifinal Playoff Tickets Now On Sale:

The SFU Clan have secured home ice advantage for the first round of the BCIHL playoffs, and with that tickets are now on sale for the first game of their quest for the cup.

The playoffs begin Friday March 7th, with SFU hosting an opponent TBD at 7:00pm at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre.

Tickets are available at:
SFU Hockey is asking that fans wear red to all playoff games, and help the Clan fill the Bill Copeland Sports Centre.

Merritt Forward Scott Patterson Commits to Lake Superior State:

Merritt Centennials forward and leading scorer Scott Patterson has secured an NCAA Div. I future by committing to Lake Superior State University for next season.

Patterson is in his second full season with Merritt and leads the club in goals iwth 25 and points with 45.

He is the second BCHLer to commit to LSSU this season along with Vernon Vipers defenceman and captain Ryan Renz.

Lake Superior State is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and the Lakers compete in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association against the likes of Michigan Tech, Bowling Green, Ferris State, and Alaska.  

Former Coquitlam Express and West Kelowna Warriors forward Mitch Nardi is currently the only BCHL alum on the Lakers roster.

Vernon Commits Three Players to 2014-15 Roster:

Media Release 

The Vernon Vipers Hockey Club is pleased to announce that Blaine Caton, Branden Wagner, and Jagger Williamson have all committed to play for the team in 2014/2015.

Caton, a 97 born player from Vernon BC, currently plays for the North Okanagan Knights of the KIJHL.  He has also already played 5 games as an affiliate player with the Vipers this season. “Caton is a great two way center who will develop into a good BCHL player. He has some good instincts around the net and will be a player who can provide some offense."

Wagner, a 96 born player from Kelowna, is currently the captain of the Okanagan Rockets of the BCMML. His team is currently in first place in the BCMML. Branden recently became the Okanagan Rockets all-time leading scorer. “He is the type of player you win with. He plays with his heart on his sleeve and does all the intangibles in the game so well. He is a leader and will be a great addition to our club.”  

Williamson, a 98 born player from Vernon, is currently playing for the Vernon Midget Tier 1 team. Jagger was a draft pick of the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL and is currently leading his team in scoring. “Jagger is a game breaker. He has elite level talent and the ability to put up huge numbers offensively. He was heavily recruited and we are excited to keep him in Vernon for his junior career.”

Watch these three 2014/15 prospects all season long with Vipers Season Tickets! Lakers Priced Early Bird seats are on sale till April 1st, Adults and Seniors pay just $199 & Students and Children just $99. CLICK HERE for details.

If you require and further information on the newest Vipers please contact the Vipers office at 250 542 6022.

Richmond Sockeyes Forward Johnny Wesley Commits to Langley for 2014-15:

Media Release 

The Langley Rivermen are pleased to announce Johnny Wesley has committed to join the team for the 2014-15 season.

The 17-year old White Rock native is currently playing for the Richmond Sockeyes of the Pacific Junior Hockey League and has put up impressive numbers in his rookie season with 21 goals and 24 assists in 39 games.

"The commitment of Johnny Wesley brings us another talented young product of the Fraser Valley," said Rivermen Head Coach and General Manager, Bobby Henderson.

"He has proven himself at the Junior B level to be a 'finisher'.  Johnny has good size and uses it well, creating opportunities off puck possession and has a knack for being in the right place.  We are looking for Johnny to adjust quickly to the pace of the BCHL and to be a contributer in his rookie campaign."

Last month, Wesley played his first Junior A game with the Rivermen and looked strong in his debut.

"Bobby coaches really well, it was pretty nice to have that interest from him," said Wesley.

"I got in for a game and I really enjoyed it, I feel this is a great choice for me going into next season." 

Wesley leads the Sockeyes in goals and sits ninth overall in league scoring.  At 6'0" and 185 pounds, he brings size but also a natural scoring ability.

"I'd say I'm a goal scorer, I like to shoot the puck a lot but I like to get in the corners too, a little gritty."

The Rivermen wish Johnny good luck with the rest of his season as the Sockeyes look to defend their league title.

Inside The BCIHL Podcast - February 5, 2014:

I figured since I'm producing the weekly podcast on the BC Intercollegiate Hockey League, it would only make sense to include it on my blog, even though it isn't directly BC Hockey League related. 

This week on the podcast, I chat with Selkirk College forward and the only Australian player in the BCIHL, Beau Taylor. I'm also joined by the reigning player of the week in the BCIHL, University of Victoria forward Mitchell Bell.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six BCHL Alumni to Take Part in 2014 Beanpot Championship Game:

The 62nd annual Beanpot started yesterday at the TD Garden involving the four NCAA teams in the Boston geographic area.

The schools taking part are Boston College, Northeastern University, Harvard University and Boston University. NU and BC both won their semifinal games to advance to this Monday's championship final.

Six BCHL alumni are featured in the final game, four on Boston College and two on Northeastern University.

Follow along with the tournament here:

Boston College

Isaac MacLeod (Penticton)
Destry Straight (Coquitlam)
Peter McMullen (Langley)
Evan Richardson (Powell River)

Northeastern University
Josh Manson (Salmon Arm)
Braden Pimm (Vernon)

Alberni Valley Netminder Nathan Warren Out 4-6 Weeks:

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs announce that Nathan Warren will be out of action for 4-6 weeks with a broken collar bone which may require surgery. The injury resulted on the play last Saturday against the Victoria Grizzlies that saw #17 Jesse Schwartz receive a 5 minute major penalty and a game misconduct for Goalie Interference.

Today, the BCHL announced that Jesse Schwartz will be suspended for 2 games for his actions.

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs will be utilizing their two affiliate goalies for the remainder of the regular season: Oceanside Generals' Liam Giroux and Campbell River Storm's Russell Sanderson.

Sanderson, who spent the last season and a half with the Merritt Centennials, will join the Bulldogs on the weekend road trip to Prince George on Friday and Merritt on Saturday.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Shattuck St. Mary's Forwards Alex Rodriguez and Sean Harrison Commit to Surrey for 2014-15:

The Surrey Eagles are pleased to announce the commitments of a pair of forwards from the prestigious Shattuck St. Mary’s high-school program in Minnesota.

Alex Rodriguez (95) and 17 year-old Sean Harrison (96) will both don Eagles colours beginning in the 2014-15 BCHL season.

Rodriguez, from Miami, Florida, has compiled 46 points (18-28) in 37 games with the Shattuck St. Mary’s Prep team this season. The 5’11”, 176-pound forward set a career mark of 71 points (34-37) during the 2011-12 season with the school’s Midget AAA team.

This past September, Rodriguez was rated a “B” skater in the NHL Central Scouting Preliminary Ones to Watch listing.

I'm very excited to be joining the Surrey Eagles for 2014-2015, from what I have heard it is a great organization, and it's going to be the place I want to be at to excel and make it to the next level,” said Rodriguez.

“Coach Schaefer has had a lot of success as a player and I think he's going help me develop as a player and as a teammate. It's also great to know I'll be coming in with a fellow Sabre in Sean Harrison. I look forward to meeting all of the staff, players, and fans of the Eagles organization,” Rodriguez added.

Harrison, a 6’ forward from Eagle River, Alaska, leads the Shattuck St. Mary’s Midget AAA team in scoring with 93 points (45-48) through 48 games played this season. His point tally thus far represents a career mark at the Minnesota high-school level.

 “This past November, I had the opportunity to meet with the Surrey coaches and Coach Schaefer encouraged me to take my time with my decision, but I pretty much made my decision that evening” said Harrison. “The BCHL is exciting and fast. I need to ensure my off season preparation this summer allows me to show up at the Surrey camp ready to contribute.”

“Being born and raised in Alaska makes this opportunity to come to British Columbia that much sweeter as it reminds me a lot of home. I love the big ice at the South Surrey Arena as it definitely plays to the strength of my game,” Harrison added.

“We’re really looking forward to adding these two high-end players to our lineup next season,” said Eagles head coach/general manager Peter Schaefer. “Both Alex and Sean have enjoyed a lot of success at the high-school level and will bring a high-energy, exciting style of play to our club next year.”

Your Eagles return home Saturday, February 8th at 7:00 pm to host the Penticton Vees at South Surrey Arena. Proceeds from ticket sales and the 50/50 will be donated to the Paskall Family Trust, with pre-game festivities and a minor hockey showcase featuring players from Surrey, Semiahmoo and Cloverdale Minor Hockey also part of the night’s events. For ticket information, contact the Eagles office at 604-531-GOAL (4625) or select your seats online at 

Salmon Arm Organizes Fan Bus to Penticton:

The Salmon Arm SilverBacks are very happy to announce that another Fan Bus is being organized, ahead of the 'Backs final Regular Season game of the year, in Penticton, on Saturday March 1st.

The round-trip experience will cost fans $35, and can be paid for at the 'Backs Box Office, or Souvenir Booth on Game Nights.

Fans can call the Box Office ahead of time to reserve their spots on the bus, which will need at least 30 people before departing the Shaw Centre at 3pm on the 1st of March.

Those attending the game are encouraged to wear their SilverBacks colours, while making plenty of noise, as the contest will likely make a difference on the final standings of the Interior Division.

Penticton Vees 2014-15 Season Tickets Now Available:

The Penticton Vees Jr. ‘A’ Hockey Club is pleased to announce that their 2014/2015 season ticket offer goes on sale Monday, February 3rd and ends Saturday, March 1st.

Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s season ticket initiative, the team is happy to announce that pricing for 2014/2015 season tickets will remain unchanged. Season tickets are tiered in a three pricing structure, starting at $149, $169 and $199. The Vees will once again incorporate a payment plan, which offers fans the option to pay for their season tickets in six installments over a six month period.

“As an organization we place a high level of importance on constantly strengthening the Vees brand,” said President, General Manager and Head Coach Fred Harbinson. “Our commitment to our on ice product is now match by our commitment to the overall fan experience. We want everyone in Penticton to have the ability to experience the SOEC and Vees hockey.”

From February 3rd to March 1st, current 2013/2014 season ticket holders are encouraged to renew their season tickets and secure their seats for the 2014/15 season. New season ticket purchasers will be placed in a priority seat reservation sequence, and can choose their seats once the renewal period ends on March 1st. Renewal seats and new priority seat reservations can be secured with a $25 deposit which counts as their first payment.

Renew or purchase a new 2014/2015 Vees season ticket during February 3rd-March 1st AND purchase tickets for the first two games of Round 1 of the 2013/2014 BCHL playoffs at a special season ticket holder price of $10 Adult/Senior and $5 Child/Student.  Purchasers will then be placed in a draw to win one of three prizes:
  •     50’’ Flat Screen TV courtesy of Andre’s Electronic Experts
  •     Laptop computer courtesy of Andre’s Electronic Experts
  •     Suite rental at the SOEC (14 people) for the Vees 2014/2015 Home Opener.
Once again, Children and Students (18 and under) receive FREE season tickets when parents or guardians purchase their season tickets.

To renew or purchase a 2014/2015 season ticket, call Fraser Rodgers (250-809-1390) or Laura Carleton (250-490-6278) in the Vees office, or purchase in person at the Valley First Box Office (at the SOEC).

Vernon Netminder Austin Smith Named BCHL Player of the Week:

Vernon Vipers goaltender Austin Smith has been named the BCHL Player of the Week for the week ending Feb. 2, the league announced Monday.

Smith posted two wins, including his second shutout of the season, and was named 1st Star both games. In the first victory, he actually game on in relief of an injured Danny Todosychuk at 6:41 of the first period against Trail and stopped 31 shots for the goose egg. The Calgary native followed that up with an impressive performance in a 6-1 road win over rival West Kelowna, turning aside 37 of 38 shots.

The 6-foot, 185-pound 20-year-old had a 0.986 save percentage for the weekend to go along with a 0.53 goals-against average.

Honourable mentions this week:

Merritt Centennials F Diego Cuglietta: 3G, 4A, 1st Star, GWG

Vernon Vipers F Liam Coughlin: 3G, 3A, 2nd Star, GWG

Powell River Kings F Luke Nogard: 2G, 2A, OT GWG

Salmon Arm SilverBacks G Angus Redmond: 2W, 1st Star, 2nd Star, 0.967 sv%, 1.00 GAA

Prince George Spruce Kings F Justin Rai: 4G, 3A, two 1st Stars, GWG

Trail Smoke Eaters D Taylor Armbruster: 3G, hat trick, 2nd Star