Sunday, June 16, 2013

Victoria - West Kelowna Trade:

Based on their roster prior to this trade, the Victoria Grizzlies were going into the 2013-14 season with all 20-year-old spots accounted for, including three in the Fitzgerald triplets.

With this move, which sees D Jaden Schmeisser (93) go from the Grizz to West Kelowna, it gives Victoria Head Coach and GM Bill Bestwick the flexibility to add a 20-year-old player without worrying about subtracting one.

As for the Warriors, they only had two 20-year-olds on their roster (Devon Hascarl and Taylor Graham) and definitely had room to add a veteran on the blueline like Schmeisser for future considerations.

Neither team has confirmed the trade, but it is posted on the BCHL website under "Transactions".

To West Kelowna:
D Jaden Schmeisser (93) To Victoria:
Future Considerations

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