Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cents 2010-11 Player Awards:

Here are the award winners from last night. If you look at yesterday's post, I wasn't too far off with some of my candidates! I'll have reaction from all the winners either later today or tomorrow.

Most Improved Player: Billy Marshall

Academic Scholar: Regan Soquila

Most Promising Player: Reece Willcox

Most Game Winning Goals: Max Vallis/Jeff Jones

Best Plus-Minus: Brandon Pfeil

Most Gentlemanly Player: Blaine Bokenfohr

Rookie of the Year: Regan Soquila

Leading Scorer: Jeff Jones

Best Defenceman: Steve Tresierra

Unsung Hero: Steve Wall

MVP Playoffs: Evan Stack

Leadership and Ability: Lino Chimienti

Most Valuable Player: Jeff Jones

Joe Tennant - Most Dedicated Award: Steve Tresierra

Ska-Lu-La Award: Steve Tresierra

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