Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cents vs. Millionaires Preview:

Merritt (14-19-0-5) vs. Quesnel (11-25-1-3)

Tonight is the fourth meeting of the season between the Merritt Centennials and Quesnel Millionaires. It's both teams first game of 2011 and for the Cents, their last home game until January 11th. For the Mills, it's their second to last road game before a four game homestand.

Last Game Played: Sunday, November 7 - Merritt won 9-3

Next Games:
Friday, January 7: Merritt @ Trail
Friday, January 7: Quesnel @ Prince George

Merritt Centennials

Games Played: 38
Wins: 14
Losses: 19
Ties: 0
Overtime Losses: 5
Home Record: 10-5-0-3
Road Record: 4-14-0-2
Streak: One loss
Last Ten Games: 6-4-0-0
Goals For: 103
Goals Against: 134
Standings: 6th place

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 29-13-0-3 vs. Quesnel

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 16-5-0-2 at home vs. Quesnel

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 13-8-0-1 in Quesnel

Merritt is 6-3-0-1 in its last 10 home games against Quesnel

Merritt is 5-4-0-1 in its last 10 road games against Quesnel

Merritt is 7-2-0-1 in its last 10 games against Quesnel

Merritt’s last win at home against Quesnel was a 9-3 drubbing back on Sunday, November 7, 2010.

Merritt Centennials at 10:53 (PP) - Max Vallis from Jakob Reichert and Chad Brears
Merritt Centennials at 15:00 - Max Vallis from Chad Brears and Silvan Harper
Quesnel Millionaires at 16:08 - Chris Kerr from Spencer Graboski
Merritt Centennials at 1:42 (PP) - Reece Willcox from Jakob Reichert and Regan Soquila
Merritt Centennials at 5:02 (PP) - Max Vallis from Chad Brears and Steve Tresierra
Quesnel Millionaires at 5:37 - Chris Blessing from Spencer Graboski and Tyler French
Merritt Centennials at 12:30 (PP) - Jakob Reichert from Chad Brears and Max Vallis
Merritt Centennials at 16:42 - Regan Soquila from Jeff Jones and David Sabey
Merritt Centennials at 17:05 - Dustin Lebrun from Stephen Wall and Sean Maktaak
Merritt Centennials at 18:56 (PP) - Regan Soquila from Chad Brears and Richard Sabourin
Quesnel Millionaires at 10:03 - Malcolm Gould from Anderson White
Merritt Centennials at 13:45 (PP) - Regan Soquila from Jeff Jones

Former Centennials on the Millionaires:
F Thomas Hardy (1g, 0a in 2 career games with Merritt)

Centennials power play vs. Quesnel this season: 8/22
Centennials home record vs. Quesnel this season: 2-0
Centennials road record vs. Quesnel this season: 0-0-0-1

Cents scoring leaders vs. Trail this season:
Chad Brears (1-5-6)
Regan Soquila (4-1-5)
Max Vallis (3-2-5)
Jakob Reichert (2-2-4)
Silvan Harper (2-1-3)
Jeff Jones (1-2-3)
Dustin Lebrun (1-1-2)
Billy Marshall (0-2-2)
Steve Tresierra (0-2-2)
Brent Fletcher (0-1-1)
Sean Maktaak (0-1-1)
Steve Wall (0-1-1)
Richard Sabourin (0-1-1)

Lino Chimienti (2-0)
Tyler Steel (0-0-0-1)

Quesnel Millionaires

Games Played: 40
Wins: 11
Losses: 25
Ties: 1
Overtime Losses: 3
Home Record: 9-10-0-0
Road Record: 2-15-1-3
Streak: One game winning streak
Last Ten Games: 5-4-0-1
Goals For: 93
Goals Against: 154
Standings: 7th Place

Former Millionaires on the Centennials: none

Mills power play vs. Merritt this season: 0/10
Mills home record vs. Merritt this season: 1-0
Mills road record vs. Merritt this season: 0-2

Quesnel's scoring leaders vs. Merritt this season:
Spencer Graboski (1-2-3)
Malcolm Gould (2-0-2)
Chris Kerr (1-1-2)
Anderson White (0-2-2)
Chris Blessing (1-0-1)
Michael Spring (1-0-1)
Daryl DeVries (0-1-1)
Derek Huisman (0-1-1)
Stefan Gonzales (0-1-1)

Kirby Halcrow* (1-2-0-0)
*traded to Vernon

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