Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cents @ Smoke Eaters Preview:

Merritt (15-19-0-5) @ Trail (23-16-2-1)

Tonight is the sixth meeting of the season and second in ten days between the Merritt Centennials and Trail Smoke Eaters.

Last Game Played: Thursday, December 30 - Trail won 3-2

Next Games:
Saturday, January 8: Merritt @ Salmon Arm
Sunday, January 2: Trail vs. Langley

Let's take a look at the Merritt Centennials:

Games Played: 39
Wins: 15
Losses: 19
Ties: 0
Overtime Losses: 5
Home Record: 11-5-0-3
Road Record: 4-14-0-2
Streak: One game winning streak
Last Ten Games: 7-3-0-0
Goals For: 108
Goals Against: 138
Standings: 6th place

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 21-25-1-2 vs. Trail

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 14-9-0-2 at home vs. Trail

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 7-16-1-0 in Trail

Merritt is 2-8-0-0 in its last 10 visits to the Cominco Arena

Merritt is 5-5 in its last 10 games vs. Trail

Merritt’s last win in Trail was a 4-3 overtime victory back on Wednesday, December 30, 2009.

Merritt Centennials at 18:56 (PP) - Andrew Pickering from Dustin Johnson and Jordan Soquila
Trail Smoke Eaters at 12:21 - Darnell Dyck from Scott Jacklin and Curtis Tonello
Trail Smoke Eaters at 9:39 (PP) - Scott Jacklin from Tommy Rizzardo and Sam Mellor
Merritt Centennials at 18:04 - Derek Hills from Jordan Soquila and Jeff Jones
Trail Smoke Eaters at 7:38 - Sam Mellor from Scott Jacklin and Nick Sandor
Merritt Centennials at 16:35 - Dustin Johnson from Derek Hills and Jordan Soquila
Merritt Centennials at 2:53 - Silvan Harper from Derek Hills and Jeff Zmurchyk

Former Centennials on the Smoke Eaters:
D Jake Baker (0g, 10a in 63 career games with Merritt)
F Scott Jacklin (Didn't report to Merritt after being acquired in January 2009)

Centennials power play vs. Trail this season: 6/27
Centennials home record vs. Trail this season: 2-0
Centennials road record vs. Trail this season: 0-3

Cents scoring leaders vs. Trail this season:
Jeff Jones (2-4-6)
Regan Soquila (2-3-5)
Evan Stack (2-1-3)
Sean Maktaak (2-1-3)
Steve Tresierra (0-3-3)
Blaine Bokenfohr (1-1-2)
Dustin Lebrun (1-1-2)
Billy Marshall (0-2-2)
Reece Willcox (1-0-1)
Max Vallis (1-0-1)
Brandon Pfeil (0-1-1)
Kameran Crawford (0-1-1)

Lino Chimienti (2-1)
Tyler Steel (0-1)

Let's take a look at the Trail Smoke Eaters:

Games Played: 42
Wins: 23
Losses: 16
Ties: 2
Overtime Losses: 1
Home Record: 15-5-0-1
Road Record: 8-11-2-0
Streak: Unbeaten in two (one win, one tie)
Last Ten Games: 4-4-2-0
Goals For: 137
Goals Against: 124
Standings: 5th Place

Former Smoke Eaters on the Centennials: none

Smoke Eaters power play vs. Merritt this season: 4/21
Smoke Eaters home record vs. Merritt this season: 3-0
Smoke Eaters road record vs. Merritt this season: 0-2

Trail's scoring leaders vs. Merritt this season:
Scott Jacklin (3-5-8)
Sam Mellor (4-3-7)
Travis St. Denis (3-3-6)
Cullen Bradshaw (3-3-6)
Paul Mailey (1-3-4)
Adam Boytinck (1-2-3)
Rajan Sidhu (0-3-3)
Logan Proulx (1-1-2)
Eric Walker (1-0-1)
Curtis Tonell (1-0-1)
Ben Matthews (1-0-1)
Ryan Luiten (1-0-1)
Jason Nash (0-1-1)
Ben Greenaway (0-1-1)

Kiefer Smiley (3-0)
Matt Larose (0-2)

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