Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cents-Silverbacks Suspensions:

The BC Hockey League has ruled on Friday's brouhaha between the Cents and Silverbacks. It's posted on the BCHL site, but here's how the suspensions and fines break down:

Sean Maktaak - six games
Tyler Steel - three games
Jeff Zmurchyk - three games
Billy Marshall - two games
Jakob Reichert - two games

Luke Pierce - one game
Team fine - $2500 ($1000 for the multiple fight situation and $1500 for Sean Maktaak leaving the bench)

Salmon Arm
Kris Moore - five games
Charlie Vasaturo - four games
Devin Gannon - two games
Jayson Reardon - two games
Josh Manson - two games

Tim Kehler - one game
Team fine - $1000 (for the multiple fight situation)

All players suspended have already sat out one game, which was the return match-up in Merritt on Saturday.

Maktaak is eligible to return on Friday, October 29 on the road against Quesnel while Steel and Zmurchyk can return on Friday, October 22 at home against Powell River. Marshall and Reichert will play this Saturday at home against Coquitlam in their first games back. Luke Pierce will miss this Friday's home game versus Penticton before being back behind the bench on Saturday.

As for the Silverbacks, I've heard that Moore received a broken hand during his fight with Steel and Matt Cassidy (who didn't receive a suspension as a result of the melee) also sat out Saturday's game with a suspected injury.

Regardless of the injury, Moore is eligible to return from suspension on Friday, October 22 at home against Quesnel. Vasaturo will be back Sunday in Victoria after serving his four games. Gannon, Reardon and Manson are out for the first game of the Backs road trip and should return Friday in Cowichan Valley.

I had the chance to chat with Cents coach and GM Luke Pierce today after the suspensions came down.

Cents Head Coach & GM Luke Pierce

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