Friday, September 3, 2010

Cents Roster Update:

The Cents released eight players yesterday, leaving them with 29 total heading into tonight's final exhibition game at home against Westside.

Head coach and GM Luke Pierce figures they'll make further roster decisions tonight and be down to their set roster by tomorrow morning. Luke did also mention that they might be bringing in another goaltender today, but didn't elaborate on who that might be.

Here's a look at who's still with the team:

Jared Andersen (90)
Ryan Garber (91)

Steve Tresierra (90)
Jeff Zmurchyk (90)
Kam Crawford (91)
Brandon Pfeil (92)
Billy Marshall (91)
Reece Wilcox (94)
Richard Sabourin (92)

Dustin Johnson (90)
Jeff Jones (91)
David Sabey (91)
Alexander MacMillan (90)
Silvan Harper (92)
Steve Wall (91)
Max Vallis (91)
Justin Lachance (92)
Payton Schaefer (93)
Sean Maktaak (91)
Brent Fletcher (92)
Regan Soquila (93)
Eric Schmidt (93)
Dustin Lebrun (92)
Daylan Robertson (94)
Jordan Salahor (93)
Evan Stack (91)
Chad Brears (91)
Dylan Playfair (92)
Jakob Reichert (93)

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