Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cents Midsummer Update:

In light of everything that's been happening with the Centennials in the last couple of weeks, I've featured three different team personnel on my show this week. Rather than individually post them each day, I thought I'd post them here in this HUGE midsummer Cents update.

Here's assistant coach Luke Pierce on returning to Merritt and his overall thoughts regarding the Centennials situation.

Cents Assistant Coach Luke Pierce

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Here's head coach and GM Joey Bouchard on his preparations for training camp and also the need for billet families for the upcoming season.

Cents Head Coach and GM Joey Bouchard

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And last but certainly not least, here's Centennials society president Jerry Canuel on the latest ownership developments and prospects for the team moving forward this season and beyond.

Cents Junior 'A' Hockey Club Society President Jerry Canuel

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There should be a lot more news and notes for the Cents as we get closer to training camp, which opens in two weeks.

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