Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20 Cents Alumni Update:

First off, I have to apologize for my lack of posting over the last eight weeks, there's lots going on at home and at the radio station that is keeping me VERY busy.

I also want to mention that I don't have any concrete news regarding the Centennials for next season. There have been all sorts of rumours flying around and there are a couple of stories and sources I am chasing, but thus far there is nothing to report. There was a rumour regarding a sale of the team, but at this point I do know for sure that nothing has been presented to the BCHL for the Board of Governors to vote on. Executive Director David Sales was able to confirm at least that to me last week.

All that being said, let's get to a major Cents alumni update!

D Scott Ford - AHL - Milwaukee (63GP: 4G, 6A)
F Mike Ouellette - AHL - Hartford (77GP: 15G, 14A)
D Stephen Margeson - CHL - Mississippi (55GP: 12G, 19A)
D Steve Weidlich - CHL - Laredo (50GP: 3G, 14A)
F Bryan Leitch - NCAA - Quinnipiac (39 GP: 12G, 47A)
F Blair Riley - NCAA - Ferris State (37GP: 7G, 9A)
F Steve Cameron - NCAA - Mercyhurst (40GP: 22G, 28A)
F Sean Weaver - NCAA - Western Michigan (32GP: 3G, 0A)
F Brandon Campos - CWUAA - UBC (18GP: 3G, 3A)
D David Simoes - CHL - Mississippi (56GP: 4G, 11A)
D Rylan Burns - NCAA - Amherst (28GP: 1G, 12A)
F Kevin Lessard - ACAC - SAIT (24GP: 6G, 9A)
D Jared Tuton - NCAA - U. of Alaska-Anchorage (32GP: 1G, 5A)
F Steven Cavanagh - ACAC - Augustana College (26GP: 8G, 5A)
D Brett Short - CIS - York University (28 GP: 1G, 5A)
D Nick Stermer - ACAC - NAIT (STATS N/A)
D Tyler Fuller - CHL - New Mexico (27GP: 0G, 5A)
F Brandon Wong - NCAA - Quinnipiac (28GP: 9G, 12A)
F Jesse Fratkin - NCAA - Brown University (12GP: 0G, 0A)
D Alan Mazur - NCAA - R.I.T. (35GP: 8G, 15A)
F Wade Macleod - NCAA - Northeastern University (41GP: 14G, 21A)
F Mike Ewanchuk - ACAC - SAIT (23GP: 7G, 6A)

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