Friday, February 20, 2009

Cents Award Winners:

The Cents held their annual awards ceremony last night. Here are the winners:

Most Improved Player - F Gary Rai (90)

Academic Scholar/Most Promising Player - D Jake Baker (91)
Cents defenceman Jake Baker

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Rookie of the Year/Most Game Winning Goals - F Dustin Johnson (90)
Cents forward Dustin Johnson

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Leadership and Ability/Leading Scorer - F Paul Forster (88)
Cents forward Paul Forster

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Most Gentlemanly Player/Ska-Lu-La Award - D Brad Bourke (89)
Cents defenceman Brad Bourke

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Best Defenceman/Most Valuable Player/Most Dedicated - D Steve Tresierra (90)
Cents defenceman Steve Tresierra

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Best Plus-Minus - D Casey Fratkin (89)

Unsung Hero - D Codie Kightley (88)

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