Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop The Roller Coaster:

I'm not going to go into much detail about the Cents weekend that saw them skate away with a 1-1-0-1 record as I wasn't at the games, I can just go off what I heard on the broadcast and what I've heard from people who were there. What the record in the three games doesn't show is how the Centennials lost on Sunday and how it could have just as easily been a 3-0 record. Friday's 3-2 win in overtime was huge for the Cents as they notched their second straight victory. Then on Saturday against a resilient Millionaires squad that battled back twice from one goal deficits, it was a heart breaker to lose on a goal scored with just 44 seconds left in the game. And Sunday was really a tale of two games. The Cents outplayed the Smoke Eaters through 40 minutes, despite the fact that Trail held a 4-1 lead. Alex Goodship was completely snake bitten as he hit a post and had at least three good scoring opportunities. The wheels came off the Centennials wagon in the third period as they were outscored 5-0 and actually gave up seven unanswered goals after Kevin Philp scored with just over five minutes left in the first. Final score: Trail 9, Merritt 1. The end result is a weekend that could have been much better and in fact, probably should have been much better for the Cents.

Now the question is how different the Centennials roster will look once Friday's game in Vernon rolls around. As the poll I posted today indicates, the Cents have a number of trading chips that other teams are likely to be interested in. It remains to be seen as to whether or not Al Glendinning will hang onto the assets that he's got, or if the Cents go into a liquidate mode like last season that saw no fewer than six transactions made on either deadline day or the day before. Alexander MacMillan hasn't played with the Cents since before the Christmas break and I'm investigating whether or not the Calgary product is injured or if he's asked to be moved. Ryan Aynsley only played one game on the weekend, and he's another player that could be deemed attractive leading up to the January 10th deadline. As for the deadline itself, I talked to BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale today for my Brian's Banter feature and will post the interview later this week. In it, Grisdale attempts to eliminate some of the confusion that surrounds the trade deadline. Look out, it's likely to be a busy week on the transaction wire!

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