Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse:

It's been reported in the Kamloops Daily News that the BCHL approved a sale of the Centennials and approved the relocation of the team to Kamloops. That from Cents head coach and GM Al Glendinning according to Kamloops Storm owner Barry Dewar.

I find it interesting that the story doesn't quote Glendinning himself nor does it get comment from either Cents Director of Hockey Operations Rick Mettler or Interim President Tom Reynolds. Also, the comments from the BCHL's Jeff Dubois on behalf of John Grisdale say that there's nothing to comment on.

I can confirm that there is in fact, nothing concrete to report on regarding a sale of the team. I have spoken with Mettler, Reynolds, and Grisdale and they each gave me indications that anything regarding a sale of the Centennials is far from completed. Mettler told me that there are discussions ongoing to sell the team, but nothing has gone to the BCHL at this point for the governors to vote on. Reynolds told me that the BCHL has not approved any sale and that Glendinning doesn't have the authority to speak on the issue. (Although the Daily News article quotes Dewar quoting Glendinning, so it's not Glendinning himself quoting on the issue.) Grisdale told me on Thursday that he's heard the rumours just like everyone, but that there was nothing to report on.

So take it with a grain of salt, I'm not saying that a sale of the Centennials won't occur at all, I'm just thinking that it's not nearly a done deal as much as it's reported in the Daily News.

As for moving the team to Kamloops, it would be heartbreaking for the community of Merritt because I would hope that any new owner would be willing to give it a shot properly for a season or two before just whisking the team out from underneath the residents. Shawn Mullin mentions on his blog about the attendance numbers, but they don't tell the whole story as I feel (with all due respect to the marketers that have been here) that the team has never been marketed properly. Most of that has been the budget constraints the marketers have been faced with. The old adage that you have to spend money to make money rings true here.

More on this situation as it develops...

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